Onsetter - "S/T" Black Vinyl

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Onsetter at a point in their adulthood where they need "an outlet for negative emotions." As past collaborators and friends they are all on the same page about the state of the world and life in America so they use this record as a vehicle to express their anger towards the ills of man and their own.

With notable contributors from Throes, Blackcloud, and Ranges, Onsetter's premiere seamlessly intertwines elements of formidable aggression and sustained intensity.

Their music encapsulates the crude depths of emotion, exploring themes of despondency amid the unsettling backdrop of discord and misery. The band's sonic architecture is a thoughtfully devised tapestry, methodically woven together from the diverse influences brought forth by its members. In this manner, Onsetter emerges not merely as a musical ensemble but as a collective of individuals that have carefully curated a powerful auditory experience.

Their current lineup includes Thomas Wilson, Tyler Squire, Johnny Ayala, AJ Duthie and Joey Caldwell.

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